Architecture at Home – ‘Sugi House’


Architecture At Home – Debra Millar


Nov 2022


‘Designed by Barry Condon of local practice Condon Scott Architects, this 96-square-metre holiday house occupies a sliver of land bordering a right of way on one side and a grassy berm at the front.’

“Barry Condon has demonstrated in this captivating little house that a richer outcome can result from combining a limited material palette with the quest for a reduction in space.”

Showcasing a stunning collection of award-winning architect-designed houses from recent years, Architecture at Home explores a broad range of living environments in diverse locations. Permanent homes and occasional retreats, small houses on compact urban sites and larger one in remote landscapes, new builds and extensive alterations are captured by New Zealand’s leading architectural photographers and written about in a thought-provoking way. These innovative and expressive homes celebrate the role of good design in shaping the way we live, work and play.

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