Sundance Rise




Wanaka, New Zealand

Located on the outskirts of the township of Wanaka, Sundance Rise House has a rural aspect that encouraged an open design, allowing in as much of the view as possible while still shielding the interiors from harsh elements.

Consisting of a central high-frequency zone containing kitchen, living room and snug, bookended by a more formal living space and the master bedroom, the home opens onto an expansive lawn and overlooks the lake and mountains in the distance. Rooflines on the outer wings slope towards the centre, giving the building a contemporary aesthetic, which is furthered by robust overhangs.

Slatted upper windows shield the home from high summer rays while still allowing light through. This has the added aesthetic benefit of giving the home a farmhouse quality, which is furthered by the use of local schist stone, Corten steel, and timber weatherboards with a varied texture and colour finish.

The majority of the interior walls and ceilings are lined in birch ply, which adds light and warmth to the home. In the living room, a feature wall of waxed Corten steel lends a striking focal point that references the exterior materiality.

An expansive U-shaped kitchen island provides copious working space for the homeowners to cook and entertain. This space can be opened on both sides through sliding doors, allowing for different weathers and wind patterns. On one side, the lawn opens up to the mountain views, while on the other, a sheltered courtyard and swimming pool back onto a slight rise. This sheltered patio encompasses an outdoor fireplace, allowing it to be used year round.

Comfortable and spacious, this is a low maintenance home built for the climate and befitting of the alpine landscape that surrounds it.